OWIB – the Offshore Wind International Business2Business Event


OWIB 2014 will take place September 3-4 in Denmark.

Side events will be held September 2.


Find photos and more from OWIB 2013 here. 

Examples of participants at OWIB 2013:

Full list of participants here.

OWIB is an annual network event dedicated towards making contacts and contracts
within the offshore wind industry. It’s an alternative to traditional conferences and
exhibitions, where the right people can often be difficult to find. At OWIB, participants have the opportunity to pre book meetings with participating companies, maximizing efficiency.

OWIB is visited by businesses from all levels in the supply chain. Developers, turbine manufactures, engineering companies, construction, installation and service companies etc. Participants are primarily from Europe with some participation expected from other regions as well.
Watch the short video from a previous OWIB event below to get an impression of the event:


OWIB 2014 will take place September 3-4 in Denmark.

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December 13 2013 - Photos and more from OWIB 2013 available here.