About OWIB

Numerous conferences are held with and for the offshore wind industry. Many of them offer excellent opportunities to keep up-to-date with the latest developments. However, the real value-creating processes often take place in the coffee breaks! It is during the breaks that you network and make initial contact with potential business partners.

The OWIB concept brings networking to the forefront.  Ours is a business that moves fast. Everyone is busy and we all have tight schedules. To maximize efficiency, OWIB is an effective event. Over the course of two days, you meet and network with the businesses of your choice  in a structured  and professional way.

And, while you are here, you can catch up on  the latest developments and learn everything you need to optimise your chances of achieving success in a growing offshore wind supply chain.

Download the invitation to OWIB 2015 below:


The OWIB concept

Nurturing and expanding your network is an essential discipline if you want to run a successful business. Conventional networking forums, such as trade fairs, are far from ideal. You often waste time trying to locate the people you want to talk to. OWIB provides a framework for brief personal meetings between you and potential business partners. The event also includes a highly professional conference with presentations by key players in the industry. The OWIB concept is two-fold:

  • To give you an opportunity to meet and network with the businesses/people of your choice at pre-arranged B2B meetings. The meetings  bring businesses together at an initial ntroductory meeting. The meetings last 15 minutes during which time the parties can easily determine whether there is a basis for cooperation. And, should that not be the case, all you will have wasted is 15 minutes.

  • To provide you with the latest knowledge about the offshore wind industry in the shape of presentations from key players in the international offshore wind industry.


OWIB is visited by businesses from all levels in the supply chain. Developers, turbine manufacturers, engineering companies, construction, installation and service companies, etc. Participants are primarily from Europe with some participation expected from other parts of the world too.


Time and venue

OWIB 2015 takes place at EWEA OFFSHORE on 10 March in Copenhagen, Denmark.
OWIB 2016 will take place in Esbjerg, Denmark. 


OWIB is:

  • Dedicated to networking
    Hundreds of pre-arranged meetings take place during the one-day event
  • A unique chance to meet new contacts
    The entire supply chain is represented and willing to meet you
  • The easy way to create new orders for your company
    OWIB results in new contracts
  • An opportunity to reconnect with old contacts
    Why not use the event  to stay in touch with established contacts?
  • A forum to help you keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry by means of presentations by key offshore wind people.

Special conditions at OWIB B2B meetings:

An OWIB 2015 participant can prearrange a maximum of 12 meetings of 15 minutes’ duration. Participants register to attend OWIB and then request meetings with other participants on the list of participants. This list is circulated one month before the event. Meeting seats are distributed on a “first come, first served” basis. Participants at OWIB are obliged to attend meetings requested by other participants. Unless otherwise agreed, businesses participating with more than one participant are expected to take separate meetings if there are more than 12 meeting requests to meet them.


About the organizer

OWIB is an initiative of the Danish national innovation and knowledge network, Offshoreenergy.dk (previously known as Offshore Center Danmark). The network is a non-profit organisation, which supports the offshore industry. We coordinate OWIB to help the offshore industry, not to generate profit.
Working with the Danish Wind Industry Association, Offshorenenergy.dk organises OWIB 2015. The Danish Wind Industry Association is responsible for the OWIB Conference, whereas Offshoreenergy.dk is responsible for OWIB B2B.


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