About OWIB

What is OWIB?

OWIB is an annual network event dedicated to making contacts and contracts within the offshore wind industry. It’s an alternative to conventional conferences and exhibitions where the right people are often difficult to find. OWIB is efficient. At OWIB, participants pre-book meetings with other companies participating in OWIB.

Numerous conferences are held with and for the offshore wind industry. Many of them offer excellent opportunities to keep up-to-date with the latest developments. However, the real value-creating processes often take place in the coffee breaks! It is during the breaks that you network and make initial contact with potential business partners.

OWIB is:

  • Dedicated to networking
    Hundreds of pre-arranged meetings take place during the one-day event
  • A unique chance to meet new contacts
    The entire supply chain is represented and willing to meet you
  • The easy way to create new orders for your company
    OWIB results in new contracts
  • An opportunity to reconnect with old contacts
    Why not use the event  to stay in touch with established contacts?
  • A forum to help you keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry by means of presentations by key offshore wind people.

And, while you are here, you can catch up on  the latest developments and learn everything you need to optimise your chances of achieving success in a growing offshore wind supply chain.